And, Action!

Where's my tripod...

Keira Lavelle. The high-energy and creatively-obsessed orb of molecules in space is the (often barking mad) thinking power behind the mayhem here *waves excitedly!* A full time model and actress in the "day job" ...Producing mini-movies became a passionate sideline which pushed creative boundaries for me in story building and stretching of the mind. Often deliberately using extremely minimal resources (equipment and facilities) and self-filming in many cases of movie production as part of the personal challenge for raw feel and connection with the story/scene.  

Comedy/action/conceptual and more...

The mini films created have no set "genre" exclusivity. There are ones which feature more action-orientated content for the lovers of suspense, touch-your-soul conceptual films for deepness and artsy-ness right through to downright daft comedy acting and plots. There is a little something for everyone: whether just passing the time, procrastination or serious movie fans/lovers doing what they do best! 

Inside/Outside Shake It All Around...

As a professional travelling model by trade, who regularly has the opportunity to visit unique and interesting places around the world: this is fully taken advantage off in creating cool footage for films. Being a very daring and determined creative also means that it's pretty standard to throw myself fully into the scene whether that means getting cold/wet/filthy... It's part of my passion for location work to give it all which hopefully comes out in the movies themselves. But of course there are nice and dry indoors scenes too!